The Jay Project

The Language of the Web

Javascript is an elegantly small and flexible language and has become one of the fastest scripting languages available. Running on all web browsers and recently a solid option on the server, it is highly ubiquitous and increasingly becoming a more crucial aspect of web development everyday.

Growing Pains

Javascript is also a language that is rumored to have been developed in just ten days in a rush to get to market. As a result, the language admittedly lacks features and contains many as yet unaddressed flaws that make it difficult to develop in, harder to learn, and much less powerful than it can be.

More Beautiful Javascript

The Jay Project aims to empower and guide javascript development. By looking closely at the nature of Javascript, the Jay project has been able to shape Javascript into a language that is beautiful, elegant, powerful and easy to understand.

The Face of Jay

The Jay standard library has been created as a result of the project. The library extensively enhances the core of the Javascript language, creating simplicity by abstracting away inconsistencies in the language, providing a more powerful set of mechanisms, and providing a clear common framework for using the javascript language properly.

A concise guide to more intuitive Javascript is part of the Jay standard library package.

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